Jason’s Journal

Today was a pretty crappy day. Just a boring day at school altogether. We had a supply teacher in geography and we just ended up watching the Lorax. Wow. Great. Sweet movie. I wish I just skipped today like I was planning to. But at least I’m done school for the week now.


Tomorrow should be better though, since I’m going to go hang out with Jen and Hyrra again. We hang out all the time but I don’t mind. They’re fun.

But Jen said she had something cool to show us. I’m not sure what it could be but my curiousity is getting the best of me. What could she possibly want to show us in person that would interest both Hyrra and I? Jen is a bit weird though so who knows. It might just be something she thought was cool and she needed people to show. I don’t know. Tomorrow could be interesting, but it should be a fun day.


Jen’s Journal

Jason and Hyrra are never going to guess what I’m going to bring tomorrow and I’m really excited. As soon as I found I knew what game we HAD to play with it, Russian roulette. It’s the perfect game to play with Jason and Hyrra and they will never suspect anything. The gun isn’t even loaded so we have nothing to worry about, but I won’t tell them that. It’ll finally add some excitement to our boring High School life.

I found the gun in my brother’s room in a box under his bed. I don’t really know why he had it there but it’s mine now bitch. I’ll totally return it after I’ve had my full enjoyment with it… he probably won’t even notice it’s gone. When I found it under his bed I was shocked to be even touching a gun. I’ve grown up in a household that was totally against violence and gore but really that’s what excites me. I had multiple ideas running through my head of what I could do with it and sharing my first experience with Jason and Hyrra is another thing to cross off my bucket list.

I’ve been waiting for our hang out for three days and honestly I cannot contain it anymore!! Anyways I’ve got a shit load of work to hand in so I better get on that…


Hyrra’s Journal

There are only 4 more months of Hell. I don’t want to be here and the only thing getting me through this is Jen and Jason, literally the only form of entertainment in my life. Meeting up everyday afterschool to do nothing but hoodlum shit is the highlight of High School, only one more year….ughh.

I’ve been living in Brantford for about two years now and literally nothing has happened. You hear stories about other places of people doing crazy endeavors and making memories but not in Brantford. It’s filled with crazy locals running around chasing teens and squirrels doing nothing with their time but drugs. Brantford is a boring wasteland.

The squad is planning on meeting on February 18th… so the Thursday of this week. I’m actually so excited because this time Jen says she has a surprise for us! She always has the weirdest shit and it always amazes me what captures her attention. She said she found whatever she’s going to show us in her brother’s bedroom and her brother is pretty fucking weird… weirder than her. I just know whatever it is; it’s going to be exciting. Finally I have something to enjoy at the end of this week. Of course Bernard my duck will accompany me on this excursion, I hardly leave him anywhere. Only good thing about High School is playing this game of gotcha. Jason and Jen have already gotten out so they’re counting on me winning… I won’t let them down.

I have three assignments due this week… so I probably should go do that. I’ll leave this off here and update everyone on our day out! 😛