Jason’s Journal

Jen’s still not budging on telling anyone. She’s still ignorant and is thinking that somehow it’ll just blow over. It’s been a few days and the cops still haven’t found very much somehow, but I’m still anxious that they’ll be onto us really soon. I mean, how could they not be?

I told Jen I wanted to tell the police and she said we can’t tell anyone still. She got pretty aggressive and threatened me if I did. That concerns me a little bit, but if the police get us she won’t be able to do anything. No matter what at this point if we get caught, she’s going to think I did it so I might as well just turn us in. No matter what I’m going to get blamed now so I might as well put an end to this situation.

I still don’t want to turn us in because we’ll get in trouble for sure. But my gut tells me that we’re going to get caught and if we are we might as well lessen the blow. Not to mention it would get a lot of this guilt off my conscience. I obviously didn’t do anything but I can’t keep this secret forever. It’s getting to me.

We didn’t arrange any other time to meet up again so I don’t know what’s going on. I guess we’re just going to let things go until either we get away with it or we get caught. At least, that’s what I’m sure Jen’s plan is. I think I might just turn us in. I’m getting too nervous. It’s on the news everyday and I’m anxious to go out into public. I feel like everyone who looks at me knows what I know and I can’t take it anymore.

UPDATE: Jen texted me today saying she wants to meet up again. She said she felt like she came across too aggressive and wants to set everything straight and get this situation dealt with. Maybe we can come to a conclusion and this will be all over with.



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