Jen’s Journal

Jason and Hyrra are never going to guess what I’m going to bring tomorrow and I’m really excited. As soon as I found I knew what game we HAD to play with it, Russian roulette. It’s the perfect game to play with Jason and Hyrra and they will never suspect anything. The gun isn’t even loaded so we have nothing to worry about, but I won’t tell them that. It’ll finally add some excitement to our boring High School life.

I found the gun in my brother’s room in a box under his bed. I don’t really know why he had it there but it’s mine now bitch. I’ll totally return it after I’ve had my full enjoyment with it… he probably won’t even notice it’s gone. When I found it under his bed I was shocked to be even touching a gun. I’ve grown up in a household that was totally against violence and gore but really that’s what excites me. I had multiple ideas running through my head of what I could do with it and sharing my first experience with Jason and Hyrra is another thing to cross off my bucket list.

I’ve been waiting for our hang out for three days and honestly I cannot contain it anymore!! Anyways I’ve got a shit load of work to hand in so I better get on that…



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